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Sanders speaks Nashua Community College Saturday.

Bernie Sanders Is the Best Challenger Hillary Clinton Could've Hoped For

The Vermont senator could make the Democratic front-runner a better candidate in the short-term, and as the race goes on, Clinton’s campaign is confident it’ll be able to bring Sanders’ supporters into the fold.

The World’s Workforce Will Stop Growing by 2050

. Over the next 35 years, the labor force’s average growth rate is expected to be just 0.3%, and at the end of the period it almost disappears.

Which Country's Workers Care About Their Jobs the Most?

A new survey covering 13 countries tries to measure employees' engagement with their jobs.

Two demonstrators hold up flags outside the Supreme Court Friday.

Gay Couples to Enjoy New Perks (and Penalties) Under Obamacare

The Supreme Court's ruling means same-sex couples get all the good—and bad—of legal nuptials.

Federal Employee Advocates Want Special IT Task Force to Handle OPM Hack

More than two dozen groups call on president to provide more information and protection to employees and retirees in wake of massive data breach.

Millennials Now Outnumber Boomers in the U.S.

More than half of children under the age of 5 are racial minorities.

Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., introduced a bill that would "provide bad actors with potent new tools for silencing dissent in their ranks," according to AFGE.

The Great VA Accountability Scam

The conversation about VA accountability has switched from a constructive discourse to a partisan campaign against civil service protections for front-line employees.

State: A ‘Limited’ Number of Hillary Clinton Emails Remain Missing

Some messages that Sidney Blumenthal provided to the House Benghazi panel could not be found among the messages Clinton turned over to the State Department.