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In­tro­duced by Rep. Jason Chaf­fetz, a Utah Re­pub­lic­an, the bill takes dir­ect aim at “cell-site sim­u­lat­ors."

Bill Would Ban Warrantless Cell-Phone Tracking

Rep. Jason Chaffetz wants local police to follow the same rules as federal agents for using fake cell towers for surveillance.

A New Desk Lets You Work While Lying Down

Reclining desks are the latest weapon in the war against unhealthy workspaces.

According to NASA, Antarctica is Gaining Ice

Where is this sea-level rise coming from?

White House Takes Another Step to Ease Federal Hiring of Former Felons

Obama orders OPM to change rules so that agencies ask about criminal history later in the job application process.

What Would Happen If American Senators Worked Like the French?

If Senators took a few tips from the French work week, the political process would still run as smoothly (ahem) as ever.

Federal Agencies Spent $334M on Advisory Committees in 2014

Outside experts generally earn special pay for their trouble.

A Ghost Tour of the National Death Index

Beware of what lurks deep in the bowels of vital statistics.

Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., introduced the bill.

Senators Want to Make Sure Federal 'Tax Cheats' Don't Get Bonuses

Bipartisan group reintroduces a bill to prohibit tax delinquent and misbehaving IRS employees from receiving performance awards.