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Union Files Injunction to Stop Workforce Executive Orders

National Treasury Employees Union claims if enacted, new rules on collective bargaining would cause "irreparable injuries" to federal workers.

"This department will remain relentless in hunting down those who victimize our children," Attorney General Jeff Sessions said.

Justice Task Forces Arrest 2,300 Online Child Sex Suspects

Technology-facilitated crimes against children are increasing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said.

The Biggest Problem The World's Workforce Faces Is a Classic Management Issue

"Any change you make needs to be going with your people, not against them," says Moya Greene, CEO of Royal Mail, who spoke at the CogX Festival of All Things AI.

Government Is Data Rich, But Information Poor

More leaders need to be able to turn data into insights.

Why Mean Bosses Get Nice After Lashing Out

After yelling at an employee, for example, an abusive boss might work to repair their "moral ledger."

President Trump reviews border wall prototypes on March 13, 2018, in San Diego.

Trump Administration Begins Probing Private Landowners Along Border Over Wall Construction

The administration is looking to spend $240 million for a company to assess real estate along the border.

Heritage Report Could Provide Clues About Coming Agency Reorganization Plans

Previews of the Office of Management and Budget’s proposal to restructure agencies align closely with a 2017 plan from the conservative think-tank.

Army Incurred Costly Delays on Construction of Texas Hospital

Pentagon watchdog says an additional $32.1 million was needed to fix design deficiencies.

The Most Honest Out-of-Office Message

What if you deleted all your emails during vacation and never looked back?