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IRS Is Advised to Get Its Financial House in Order

GAO updates its long-standing critique of internal auditing deficiencies.

Union Argues OPM Nominee Has a 'Fundamental Inability' to Run an Agency

A management group stands by its support of Dale Cabaniss, although it remains wary of the plan to dismantle the personnel agency.

Kimberly Reed testifies before the Senate Banking Committee last summer during her confirmation hearing.

Ex-Im Bank Swears in Leader with New Quorum

Senate vote on Wednesday ended three years of limited operability.

Employees of USDA's Economic Research Service await the results of a unionization vote.

Agriculture’s Economic Researchers Vote to Unionize Ahead of Planned Move

AFGE successfully organizes professional and support staff in sign of resistance.

Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., said he hopes the current fights are not a preview of what's to come.

Lawmakers Worry Current Squabbles Bode Poorly for Looming Sequester, Shutdown Fights

"If we can’t do this, what the heck can we do on something much bigger?" key GOP senator asks.

Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., told federal employees that lawmakers "can disagree with colleagues on policy, but the last people we’re angry at is you."

'You’ve Had a Rough Year,' Senator Tells Feds at SAMMIE Awards Event

Lankford, co-author of bill to end shutdowns, thanks the federal workforce for its “gift to the country.”

Play of the Day: Executive Privilege At The Executive Branch

The administration is invoking executive privilege to keep itself away from Congressional oversight.

A section of the wall in Arizona is shown in 2011.

The Engineers’ Plan for Creating Border Security With Clean Energy

A proposal imagines how building solar panels and wind turbines along the U.S.-Mexico border could unite calls for a Green New Deal and a border wall.

Lawmakers question OPM nominee Dale Cabaniss during her confirmation hearing.

OPM Nominee Defends Tenure at Labor Authority, Commits to Working with Lawmakers on GSA Merger

Dale Cabaniss dismissed her record-low employee morale scores at FLRA as backlash to efforts to make the agency “more fair” and effective.