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I'm A Recruiter. Here Are The Questions I Hear Most Often From Job Candidates

Most of the answers aren't in your job description—but they should be.

Feeley is shown being sworn in at the State Department in Washington, D.C. in 2016.

Ambassador Resigned Because He Doesn’t Want To Work For Trump

Morale at the Department of State has flagged since Trump took office.

If You’re Calling Your Work Team Family, You’re Doing It Wrong

I used to do it, too. Than I saw the negative consequences.

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney personally asked American citizens to weigh in with ideas for “making the federal government more efficient, effective and accountable to the American people.”

White House Sued Over 'Cloaked' Agency Reorganization Proposals

OMB's failure to disclose public suggestions is "height of hypocrisy," group says.

The Psychology Behind Performance-Based Bonuses is Total Bunk

Scrapping your employees performance bonuses not cuts costs, but could make workers happier and more productive.

First CFO Survey of Trump Era Spotlights Skepticism Over Agency Reorganization Plans

Most agency finance chiefs harbor doubts that the strategies will actually improve efficiency, though some see opportunity.

Travel costs for the Orlando conference were estimated at approximately $153,000, according to BOP.

Bureau of Prisons Conference Spending Sparks Outrage During Budget Cuts, Staff Shortage

Union says sending 60 employees to Orlando less than two weeks before a government shutdown deadline was a poor use of resources.

Agencies Aren't Catching Bad Supervisors Early Enough

Just one-half of 1 percent of managers are removed during their probationary period.

Three Daily Resolutions of Effective Leaders

Instead of failing by February, your daily reminders will support continuous improvement and success throughout the year.