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Is the Senate Bill to Protect Mueller Constitutional?

Legal scholars say the bipartisan legislation could run into trouble at the Supreme Court.

Confusion Lingers at EPA Offices as Employees Lack Direction on Fate of Closures

One closure is proceeding "full steam ahead" despite questions about congressional intervention.

How to Identify Emerging Leaders

These three lenses of awareness will help you find the executive potential in your organization.

Glacier National Park in Montana.

Many Lose Jobs After National Park Service Changes Interpretation of Seasonal Work Rule

Employees say a new policy barring people from working multiple seasonal jobs in a year is being applied inconsistently and retroactively.

Want To Be Happier? Little Changes Can Help

How can we be happier? In a world where stress and anxiety can easily overtake good days, a new book has some answers.

How To Lead Like The Queen Even If You're a Commoner

She never applied and she can't be fired—but the long career of Queen Elizabeth II still offers lessons.

Will Andrew McCabe Be Prosecuted?

Former Justice Department attorneys said a criminal referral for the former FBI deputy director and frequent target of President Trump was expected, given the contents of a recent Inspector General’s report.

Poll: Half of Feds Think They’re Being Held to a Different Ethical Standard Than Trump's Appointees

One in six federal workers think the recent spending boosts in the omnibus bill will lead to waste.

Is OPM's New Weather Policy the 'Natural Progression' of Telework?

Advocate urges careful roll-out of policy requiring remote workers to remain on the job during inclement weather.

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, praised the pick as a leader who can "reclaim our rightful place in the stars," but others questioned the nominee's qualifications.

Senate Confirms Trump’s Pick to Lead NASA on Party-Line Vote

Bridenstine hailed by Republicans as patriot, slammed by Democrats as unqualified.