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The air traffic controllers union is one of the groups that has filed a lawsuit.

Judge Denies Restraining Order in Shutdown Suits, Citing Potential for 'Chaos and Confusion'

U.S. District Judge Richard Leon ordered an expedited schedule for a full hearing in the cases, with a hearing slated for Jan. 31.

The view through the border wall from Tijuana, Mexico, looking toward San Diego, where a Border Patrol agent rides along the beach.

Pentagon Could Claim Authority to Build Trump's Border Wall, CRS Says

Updated analysis by Congress's legal researchers predicts a court challenge.

President Donald Trump, left, listens as Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, talks about border security on Jan. 3.

Why Did the Border Patrol Union Switch Its Position on the Wall?

The NBPC once opposed “wasting taxpayer money on building fences and walls along the border.”

OMB's Shutdown Improvising Draws Fire from Budget and Legal Experts

Acting budget chief Vought has revived operations on tax refunds and food stamps.

Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, introduced the bill.

Senate Republicans Hatch Plan to Prevent Future Shutdowns

Legislation introduced by Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and eight other Republicans would institute automatic continuing resolutions if Congress cannot pass spending bills on time.

VA Secretary Robert Wilkie said union is going too far in arguing the shutdown will lead to veteran suicides.

Cabinet Secretary Blasts Federal Union for Using Veterans as Shutdown 'Pawns'

Discussing veteran suicides in relation to the shutdown is "nothing short of disgraceful," department head says.

Major Facebook Users Are Worse At Making Decisions

New research shows a connection between social media use and impaired risky decision-making.

If Trump Declares a National Emergency, Could Congress or the Courts Reverse It?

History shows that Congress can play an important role in checking a president's power.

Agencies Spent $4 Trillion Last Year; Did Taxpayers Get What They Paid For?

Allocating resources effectively across 2,277 federal programs requires a comprehensive, standardized framework.

Ongoing wildlife studies are one kind of federally funded research that’s sidelined during a shutdown.

Science Gets Shut Down Right Along With The Federal Government

Setting aside personal hardships for workers who don't see a paycheck during the shutdown, the research enterprise itself loses out, too. And unlike back pay, this lost time can never be made up.