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Trust Isn’t Simple When It Comes To Government

Do you trust the government? New research digs deeper than previous gauges to understand what people really think.

Trump’s VA Firing Spree Falters in Court

Rather than defend a law that the president loves, the VA will reinstate a hospital director whom it twice tried to fire.

Feds Rarely Win Before MSPB. Board Says That’s Not a Problem.

Many cases settle before a ruling, board says, and agencies judiciously take action.

Agencies Could Weed Out Poor Managers Early, But They Rarely Do

Just seven out of every 1,000 new supervisors failed the probationary period, MSPB found.

Senate Panel Advances OPM Director Nominee Despite Questions About Her Leadership

Dale Cabaniss’s nomination to lead the federal government’s HR agency was approved mostly along party lines.

Ignoring Trump’s Orders, Hoping He’ll Forget

Slow-walking or flat-out disobeying Trump’s fleeting obsessions has become common practice across various sectors of government.

John Kennedy shakes hands with one of the first Peace Corps volunteers in 1961

Buttigieg’s Call For Universal Public Service Would Mark a Big Departure From Historically Small Volunteer Programs

No matter how well-intentioned, volunteers who may be inexperienced can't solve the entrenched and complex social problems low-income communities endure.

HHS Accused of 'Censorship' of Obamacare Website Materials

Nonprofit monitor flags 85 removed pages, warns of harm to vulnerable groups.

OPM acting Director Margaret Weichert said she plans to have the legislative proposal ready by Friday.

OPM Chief to Propose Legislation for Merger With GSA By Week’s End

The Trump administration claims OPM cannot function properly without revenue from the National Background Investigations Bureau.

Court Upholds Firing of Key Official at Epicenter of VA Waitlist Scandal

Precedent-setting ruling finds that federal supervisors cannot claim ignorance of subordinates' misdeeds.