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What To Do When Your Boss Is a Terrible Manager

When a leader won't lead, you need to offer strategic support.

Night Owls May Have 10 Percent Higher Risk Of Early Death, Study Says

Pity the poor night owls of the world, who already must adjust to a life that doesn't align with their natural sleep patterns. Now it appears that being a night owl even raises the risk of death.

Officials Highlight Pay for Performance, Streamlined Firing in New Management Document

Inaugural quarterly management agenda report encourages more training and support for managers, as well as efforts to improve employee engagement.

Ways and Means Moves 12 IRS Reform Bills, Many With Technology Focus

Acting commissioner notes decline in identity theft, but seeks new funding.

Why James Comey Doesn’t Think Donald Trump Should Be Impeached

"People in this country need to stand up and go to the voting booth and vote their values."

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., recently wrote a letter to Bureau of Prisons Director Mark Inch requesting “detailed information about BOP’s plan to use additional money” in order to “fulfill the explicit congressional mandate” to reduce augmentation.

Trump Administration Draws Bipartisan Concerns for Flouting Congress on Federal Prisons Staffing

Justice Department moving ahead with cuts despite funding boost and hiring directive from Congress.

Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo met with Senators on Capitol Hill April 9.

If Confirmed, Pompeo Would Inherit a State Department in a State of Despair

Senators prompt Trump’s nominee on how he would address problems at the “emaciated” department.

Analysis: I Ran U.S. Border Patrol—And I Support Trump's Call to Deploy the National Guard

Critics have assailed the president’s decision to send troops to the border. But they can provide additional assistance and resources to agents in times of need.

Why Trump Hasn’t Fired Sessions

The president has reportedly been musing about firing his attorney general since last summer. Here's why it hasn't happened yet.