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Agency management scorecards still in the red

Most agencies are still struggling to implement key pieces of the president’s management reform plan, despite a few improvements over the past year, Office of Management and Budget officials said Monday.

Panel approves pay raise, rejects OMB job competition plan

A Senate Appropriations subcommittee approved a 4.1 percent pay raise for federal employees and voted to curb a White House plan to let private firms bid on thousands of federal jobs.

Postal Service woes ignite lobbying battle on Capitol Hill

The Postal Service's all-but-inevitable bailout has sparked a ferocious, behind-the-scenes lobbying battle in Washington—as its competitors and corporate customers alike fight to shape postal reform legislation.

Pentagon cracks down on charge card abuse

Defense Department Comptroller Dov Zakheim Thursday announced a series of measures, including greater penalties, intended to rein in the abuse of government-issued travel and purchase cards.