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Be a Micromanager

Tell employees what you expect of them, monitor their performance, provide feedback and reward or admonish them.

Child support enforcement official shares program management advice

Agree on measurable goals and promote incentives, suggests HHS office commissioner.

Ridge praises public service, offers advice

Secretary says creation of Homeland Security Department required strong leadership and keeping employees informed.

Bush’s management agenda lacks congressional support, executives say

Panelists praise president’s government reform efforts, but say they wish more lawmakers would understand and support his plan.

GSA official says 'Get It Right' procurement effort set to succeed

New program is designed to encourage compliance with acquisition rules and regulations.

Agencies criticized for overclassifying information

9/11 commission report recommends government share more information, but new study finds classification costs increased $1 billion in a year.

Lawmakers, analysts weigh new audit requirements for agencies

Sarbanes-Oxley standards for private companies would add a another layer for federal agencies, in response to corporate accounting scandals.

Lawmakers call for investigation of security procedures at Los Alamos

Two computer disks with classified information are reported missing from the lab and there are claims of e-mail violations.

Federal bureaucracy thickening, study finds

The Bush administration is not paying enough attention to the growth, a Brookings Institution scholar concludes.