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Postal Service tinkers with workers’ salaries

Pay for performance should not include factors outside postmasters’ control, group urges.

Union leaders hit the road to stump for Kerry

Leaders of federal labor unions are making it clear where they stand in Tuesday’s election.

Agencies show modest management improvements

Financial management initiatives received the worst ratings on the president's latest score card.

Civil Rights Commission management falls short, report says

GAO says commission has not updated its performance goals and is unresponsive to recommendations for improvement.

Course Correction

The Pentagon tries a new approach to managing the design of its new personnel system.

Agency managers mostly pleased with job competitions, survey finds

Employees and contractors both think the competitions are stacked against their side, though.

Groups raise concerns about increased classification of documents

Agencies classified 14 million new documents in fiscal 2003, an increase of 60 percent over the comparable figure for fiscal 2001.

Researchers say few jobs are lost to competitive sourcing

Job losses to private contractors are largely a myth, report finds.