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Scholar Predicts Government Reform Could Motivate 2020 Voters

New survey data suggest the presidential race outcome could turn on candidate plans for “rebuilding broken bureaucracy,” says New York University’s Paul Light.

Why Engagement Matters and How to Improve It

The results of past employee viewpoint surveys haven’t been very useful to most frontline managers trying to address challenges specific to their organizations.

All Those Mueller Report Redactions Mean the U.S. is Still Investigating Moscow's Online Meddling in 2016

There's still a lot the public doesn't know about Russian interference operations.

Visa applicants wait to enter the U.S. Embassy in Beijing in 2018.

The Real Illegal Immigration Crisis Isn’t on the Southern Border

Focusing on asylum seekers who cross land borders ignores the real problem: people who overstay their visas.

Office of Personnel Management headquarters in Washington.

Trump’s Pick to Lead OPM Has an Unusual Management Record for the Job

“We thought she was there to destroy the agency,” said a former senior official at the Federal Labor Relations Authority during Dale Cabaniss’ tenure there.

GAO: GSA Must Do More on Property Management, Cybersecurity

A federal watchdog agency’s reminder on outstanding recommendations comes as the Trump administration pushes for the agency to take on new responsibilities.

Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget Russell Vought answers reporters questions during a press briefing on March 11.

OMB’s Unfinished Business on Improving Government Performance

The White House budget office has implemented Government Accountability Office recommendations at a lower rate than federal agencies governmentwide.

How the IRS Gave Up Fighting Political Dark Money Groups

Six years after it was excoriated for allegedly targeting conservative organizations, the agency has largely given up on regulating an entire category of nonprofits. The result: More dark money gushes into the political system.

Mission Matters: Why Your Agency Brand is Key to Recruiting Top Talent

Government employees tackle some of society’s most critical problems, and a job that makes a difference and impacts lives can be incredibly attractive, particularly among younger talent.

Voice of America's offices in Washington.

Reshaping of U.S. Global Media Agency Called Largely Successful

State Department watchdog found lapses in staff communication and posting of editorials.