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Defense Announces Contract to Replace Cumbersome Travel Booking System

The government will spend $9 million to replace the aging travel booking process.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has streamlined hiring under deadlines announced last year.

Justice Department Touts New Immigration Judges, Quicker Hiring

Twenty-three judges were sworn in Aug. 10 and recruitment time was cut in half.

The three businessmen accused of improperly influencing policy belong to President Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Group Sues Trump Administration Over Secret Influence of Outsiders

Private businessmen impacted policy-making "under the shroud of darkness," group alleges.

A September military parade down Paris' Avenue des Champs-Élysées is said to be one example Trump wants the U.S. parade to follow.

Pentagon and Trump: There Won't Be a Military Parade in Washington in 2018

The president said he canceled the event due to "ridiculously high" cost estimates, but 2019 remains in play.

Cautionary Tales from Past Attempts at Pay-for-Performance

Merit board warns of pitfalls in changing compensation structures.

The Benefits of Listening More

It's a skill too many leaders underestimate.

U.S. Marines with Alpha Company, 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division ride in an M1A1 Abrams tank during an exercise in 2013.

Latest Plan for Trump Parade Reportedly Includes Tanks, Despite Congressional Prohibition

The defense authorization bill signed by President Trump on Monday blocks use of “motorized units” for November event.

Sen. Patty Murray, right, and others depart after a test ride and media briefing for a Sound Transit Link light rail train , in Seattle in 2008.

The $1.4 Billion Transit Fund the U.S. Government Won’t Release

From El Paso to Minneapolis, local rail and bus projects are waiting on federal money that should have arrived by now.

A Border Patrol Riverine Unit conducts patrols in an Air and Marine Air-Boat in South Texas, Laredo, along the Rio Grande Valley river in 2013.

A Night Enforcing Immigration Laws On The U.S.-Mexico Border

In Texas' Lower Rio Grande Valley, Border Patrol agents must ignore blistering heat and 25 mile-an-hour winds. Their job is simple: Catch terrorists, people without papers or those carrying drugs.

These Agencies Have Lost the Most Workers Under Trump

Agriculture and HHS have seen the steepest declines, while Homeland Security and VA have staffed up.