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Despite Leadership Shake-Up, Transfer of OPM Services to GSA Remains in Doubt

Legal questions and a lack of “vision” for shifting many services threaten to prevent the renewed reorganization effort from becoming reality.

Improving Employee Engagement

I suggest that agencies look at their FEVS results from a different perspective.

Jeff Sessions Is Quietly Transforming the Nation’s Immigration Courts

The attorney general has stepped up the hiring of immigration judges, ordered them to hear more cases, and shown a preference for those who’ve previously been prosecutors.

White House Announces That the U.S. Intends to Withdraw From International Postal Agency

The decision will prevent international shippers from receiving an unfair advantage, officials say.

White House Red-Tape Cutters Tabulate $23 Billion in Fiscal 2018 Savings

Rules changes or repeals are outpacing previous administrations’ efficiencies, officials say.

The U.S. Government Is Wasting Millions Guarding Confederate Graves

It's already spent $3 million to date, according to records obtained by the Associated Press.

Possible Explanation for Why Some People Get More Colds

NIH-funded researchers have uncovered some new clues.

These Are the 15 Trump Reorganization Proposals Agencies Can Advance Without Congress

A majority of the proposed reforms will require legislation, and lawmakers appear poised to block others.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks at a news conference in Washington on Monday.

Attorney General Calls Out Judge on Census Citizenship Question

Issue of Commerce Secretary Ross’ truthfulness sits with Supreme Court.