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GovExec Daily: Bending or Rebuilding the Bureaucracy in the 2020 Election

Courtney Bublé, Eric Katz and Erich Wagner join the podcast to discuss their election stories on Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

The presidential election cycle is in the home stretch as former Vice President Joe Biden and incumbent President Donald Trump are making their final pitches to voters before November. As we have done in years past, here at GovExec, we have profiled each of the two candidates in feature stories. The features posted this morning on our site, with each focusing on how the two major party candidates would manage the government, the federal workforce and the leadership of the executive branch. 

Erich Wagner and Courtney Bublé wrote the feature on President Trump headlined "The Incumbent: Bending the Bureaucracy", while Eric Katz wrote “The Rival: Rebuilding the Bureaucracy,"  which profiles former Vice President Biden. The three reporters joined the show to discuss how each man would approach the government with a win in November.

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