Infographic: The 8 Types of Toxic Managers

Bad managers can really hurt an organization, but there are often ways to get around them.

Everyone has a bad manager story. Even if you haven't experienced a lousy boss yourself, you surely know someone who has. 

Toxic managers come in many varieties. Some are allergic to the truth. Some want to micromanage every aspect of every project. Some are dinosaurs afraid to try new things (or maybe just incapable of developing new skills).

Reuben Yonatan of Getvoip.com produced the infographic below with the eight main types of toxic managers. As Yonatan writes, you may feel helpless working for a toxic manager, but the situation may also provide an opening:

Toxic managers make work environments more difficult, but they can also provide opportunities for you to take initiative and “manage up.” Instead of being discouraged by your boss, think about what you can do to improve your skills and take charge of your career.

See if your boss falls in line with these archetypes and tell your stories in the comments. Click on the image to enlarge it.