Government Executive : Vol. 45 No. 4 (July 2013)  Magazine Cover

Government Executive : Vol. 45 No. 4 (July 2013)

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Jul 01, 2013 – Vol. 45, No. 4

  • Baby Steps

    By Kellie LunneyarrowThe government’s parental leave policy is limited, but it’s more flexible than some realize.
  • Focus on The Buyers

    By Charles S. ClarkarrowHomeland Security’s training institute seeks to mold a smarter acquisition workforce.
  • Around Government

    By Charles S. Clark, Chawndese Hylton, Susan Fourney, Eric Katz and Kedar PavgiarrowDebating the draft, help for feds in Oklahoma, the perils of personal email.
  • Access Denied

    By Aliya SternsteinarrowDHS is caught up in a decade-long struggle to secure port facilities with biometrics.
  • Tech Roundup

    By Aliya Sternstein, Bob Brewin and Joseph MarksarrowBoosting access to federal data, securing mobile devices, the joint health record mess.
  • The Editor

    Breaking Ranks

    By Tom Shoop arrow A shortsighted decision to shut down a senior executive bonus program.
  • More of the Same

    By Charles S. ClarkarrowEliminating duplicative programs to streamline operations and save money is harder than it looks.
  • An Allied Salute

    By Timothy B. ClarkarrowAmerican military tributes continue overseas long after two world wars.
  • Getting to the Point

    By Kedar PavgiarrowColleen Blessing’s work has helped clean up the language in government.
  • The Telework Gap

    By Kaylan BillingsleyarrowYoung employees and their managers often have opposing views about working from home.
  • The Doctor Is In

    By Mark Micheli, FeaturesarrowNIH’s Francis Collins isn’t afraid to take risks in his fight for the future of biomedical research.
  • Governing Gets Social

    By Joseph Marks, FeaturesarrowAgencies used to broadcast their messages through social media; now citizens are talking back.

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