Government Executive : Vol. 44 No. 8 (8/1/12)  Magazine Cover

Government Executive : Vol. 44 No. 8 (8/1/12)

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Aug 01, 2012 – Vol. 44, No. 8

  • Wanted: Innovators

    By Joseph MarksarrowChief Technology Officer Todd Park taps industry's risk-takers to unleash creative solutions in government.
  • Clipped Wings

    By Timothy B. ClarkarrowMany Americans say they want smaller government. We’re about to find out if they really mean it.
  • Preserving The Past

    By Charles S. ClarkarrowRetiring National Park Service historian Harry Butowsky leaves behind a trove of artifacts online.
  • Focus On Jobs

    By Amanda PalleschiarrowVA boosts veteran recruiting, but the specter of job downgrades could complicate the effort.
  • Around Government

    By Charles S. Clark, Amelia Gruber, Rebecca Carroll and Eric KatzarrowConvention delegates beware, Peace Corps Vets, uniform taboos and record drug busts.
  • Read It Here First

    By Andrew LapinarrowThe State Department’s obliquely worded e-reader contract offers a lesson in diplomacy.
  • Tech Roundup

    By Aliya Sternstein, Bob Brewin and Joseph MarksarrowEyeing employee emails, passing on PCs and the data center energy drain.
  • The Warrior Next Door

    By Bob Brewin, Thinking AheadarrowManaging White Sands Missile Range, which spans five counties, has taught Brig. Gen. John Ferrari how to keep the ...
  • A Word About Leaks

    By Shane Harris, Intelligence FilearrowWhen is a secret no longer a secret? It depends on who’s talking.
  • The Post-Game Review

    By Elizabeth Newell Jochum, Management Matters - Advice And CommentarrowContract award debriefings provide a unique opportunity to build credibility with industry.

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