When Someday is Today: Lessons for Health Security and Disaster Mitigation

What is the state of emergency preparedness at the federal, state, and local levels? GBC speaks with key officials to provide on-the-ground insights for citizens and government leaders.

Federal, state, and local emergency preparedness professionals agree: a manmade or natural disease outbreak tops their list of worst-case scenarios. Unlike other disaster situations, pandemics have no physical boundaries and can spread nationally, or even globally ― so what can be done?

To answer that question, Government Business Council interviewed top officials in the CDC, state departments of public health, and leading research facilities. 

Download this GBC Expert Dialogues to learn about:

  • Policies and tactics for health security and bioterrorism preparedness
  • Federal and state responses to some of this year's major disaster situations
  • Technological developments and innovation in emergency communication
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