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Top 5 Reasons NSA's Framework Can Accelerate Your Agency's IoT Security

Devices operating at the network’s edge must be able to keep pace with changing threat vectors without compromising mission integrity or time to deployment. While on-site solutions can protect the most classified data from prying eyes, extending this same approach to the IoT — where each device represents a new entry point for attack — is not only unsustainable, but perilous to mission success. 

Download this GBC Issue Brief to learn about:

  • NSA's Commercial Solutions for Classified: an innovative framework with the potential to dramatically accelerate how government acquires and deploys secure solutions at the tactical edge
  • The benefits CSfC can offer: from major cost savings and faster deployment, to harnessing the latest in commercial innovations
  • How federal employees perceive CSfC's capabilities and implications for future IoT security, based on a 2017 GBC survey      
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