Migrating Intelligently: Strategic Considerations in Federal Cloud Procurement

Cloud migration is taking a central role throughout federal organizations. Aided by FedRAMP, the Digital Services Playbook, and other government tools, agencies are successfully implementing services through different deployment models. Still, many run into security, migration, and resource issues ― read this Issue Brief to learn more.

Cloud technology has come a long way since the announcement of a 'cloud first' policy in 2011. Federal organizations can now choose from public, private, and hybrid services, but choosing the right tool is not always straightforward. This piece explains how the General Services Administration (GSA) and other government entities are helping agencies select deployment models and services, including a walkthrough of recent developments in hybrid cloud.  

Download this GBC Issue Brief to learn about:

  • The benefits and shortcomings of different cloud deployment models
  • Federal organizations' ongoing challenges with migration and security
  • Effective strategies for choosing between private, public, and hybrid cloud services
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