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Getting IT Services to Warfighters Faster, Smarter

Flickr user U.S. Army

With information technology evolving at a rapid pace while federal IT budgets remain stagnant, government agencies are increasingly turning to large-scale IT service contract vehicles like ITES-2S to support their modernization efforts. Featuring a number of key provisions including zero administrative fees, a decentralized ordering process, and flexible pricing, ITES-2S helps the U.S. Army deliver its personnel and war fighters the capabilities they need to accomplish their mission.

Download this Contract Profile to learn:

  • Why 60% of federal officials have shifted to IT-as-a-service in the last year
  • The top three contracting challenges federal officials face
  • Why federal IT officials are missing a golden opportunity when it comes to acquiring IT services
  • What federal agencies can look forward to with ITES-3S
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