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Government Executive 2016 Presidential Poll: October 28, 2016

With just 10 days left before Election Day, Hillary Clinton has cemented her lead over Donald Trump among federal employees, according to an independent Government Business Council / Government Executive poll released on October 28, 2016.

Flash Poll Series: Is Your Agency Safe?

Federal leaders weigh in on the state of information security.

Tracking Fraud & Abuse Across the Nation

President Obama’s 2011 Executive Order launched a nationwide effort to curtail waste, fraud, and improper payments across federal, state, and local governments. To better understand how federal, state, and local government leaders assess their organization’s fraud management capabilities, GBC recently deployed a survey to 340 federal leaders.

The Threat From Within: To Combat Evolving Insider Threats, Government Must Adapt

As troubling as a cyber attack from the outside can be, government agencies are looking to double down on what is potentially an even greater risk to their information and security: the insider threat.

Healthcare Analytics in America

An exploration of the current analytics landscape in American healthcare.

Minding The Gaps: Diagnosing Privileged Access Risks in State & Local Government

Proper management of privileged accounts is critical to mission security. But a growing number of state and local agencies are discovering firsthand the challenges involved are not easy to surmount.

From Clay to Bricks: Shaping Federal Data into an Asset

In order to engage in informed decision making, federal organizations must critically evaluate their data management and utilization framework in order to effectively leverage information as a key strategic asset.

Flash Poll Series: Data Management

GBC's exclusive flash poll series takes a look at the data explosion's impact on state and local government.

The Next Federal Evolution of Cloud

Even while a majority of agencies have migrated their assets to the cloud, some concerns remain over how agencies can overcome the challenges associated with the next frontier of cloud technology.

A DevOps Roadmap for the Federal Government

More agencies are adopting the agile work model, ushering in new levels of productivity. But do its core tenets mesh with a government that demands the utmost in security and compliance?