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The Path Forward: States Turn the Corner on Cloud Computing

States' transition to cloud computing has reached critical mass.

Building a Brave New World: Conversations with Federal Leaders on Cybersecurity

GBC interviews federal technology leaders on cybersecurity modernization efforts.

Building Your Best Future: Federal Long Term Care Considerations

Want the scoop on long term care? Government Business Council has you covered.

Flash Poll Series: Managing With Less

Do managers have what they need to maintain operational excellence in spite of fiscal constraints and greater scrutiny from lawmakers and citizens? GBC's recent flash poll of federal employees takes a closer look.

Power to the People: State Procurement Officers on the Value of Cooperative Purchasing

GBC sits down with chief procurement officers to ask the critical question: is cooperative purchasing the key to unlocking state innovation?

Flash Poll Series: Unified Communications

The ability to preserve communications and assignments across multiple technologies is increasingly essential in the work environment. But do government employees feel current devices enable such collaborative experiences? GBC takes a closer look.

Data in the Trenches: Transforming Defense Readiness in the Age of Big Data

Now more than ever, those tasked with making important decisions affecting strategy, logistics, and personnel safety must be able to select the best course of action at a moment’s notice by drawing from the latest information whenever and wherever the situation demands it.

Making the Leap: Exploring the Push for Cloud Adoption

GBC's in-depth research study explores the present and future of cloud adoption.

Flash Poll: Surviving the Cyber Storm

Global institutions, including the U.S. government, face a constant barrage of cyber attacks. But are agency leaders truly prioritizing improvements to cybersecurity? GBC polled government employees to find out.