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Rethinking Government: Federal Shared Services & Cloud Adoption

How successful has the federal government been in meeting IT modernization goals? GBC investigates.

Digital Briefing Center: Intelligent Automation

GBC investigates the possibilities of AI-driven government.

CX2: The Next Generation of Citizen Engagement

Is the federal government meeting the mark on CX?

Scaling the Mountain of Data

An organization's digital content is among its most valuable assets — especially in the federal government. Learn what it will take to manage the content challenges of tomorrow, including metadata tagging and artificial intelligence (AI).

Flash Poll: Automation in Government

The technology known as robotic process automation (RPA) is poised to transform government operations. Is the federal government ready to embrace it? GBC's recent poll of public servants has the details.

Flash Poll: The Future of Collaboration

Are federal technologies driving collaboration forward? To find out, GBC launched an exclusive poll in January 2018.

Government Executive 2018 Presidential Poll: January 8, 2018

A full year has passed since President Donald Trump entered office. How does the federal government view the executive and the actions of his administration? A new poll by Government Business Council / Government Executive has the details.

Flash Poll: Securing the Cloud

The government-wide push for cloud adoption is a key strategic priority for federal agencies. GBC surveyed federal managers to hear about their experiences first-hand.

Beyond the Foundation: Surveying Federal Employees on Cloud

As federal decision-makers enter 2018, how do they feel about cloud's progress and objectives going forward? GBC investigates.

Migrating Intelligently: Strategic Considerations in Federal Cloud Procurement

Cloud migration is taking a central role throughout federal organizations. Aided by FedRAMP, the Digital Services Playbook, and other government tools, agencies are successfully implementing services through different deployment models. Still, many run into security, migration, and resource issues ― read this Issue Brief to learn more.