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Flash Poll: Serve the People

Are agencies embracing the digital customer experience (CX)? To find out, Government Business Council (GBC) recently polled a random sample of 212 federal employees.

Governing at the Intersection of People and Technology

To learn more about the difficulties some state and local leaders face in hiring, retaining, and equipping appropriately trained and educated personnel, GBC examined the public employee landscape.

Critical Priorities for Local Government: A Candid Survey of Local Government Officials and Agency Leaders (Report)

What are the biggest priorities for leaders in city and county government? Read this survey report from Route Fifty and Government Business Council (GBC) to find out.

Maximizing Mission Integrity: A Survey of Program Officers at Federal Health Agencies

GBC surveyed federal program managers at leading federal health agencies to identify challenges to program integrity in the mission space.

Flash Poll: Dominion Over Data

GBC polled federal employees on the challenges of data management in 2018.

Charting the Course: Evaluating Retirement Preparedness in the DoD

The journey to retirement can be stressful when it comes to financial planning. GBC surveyed members of the defense community to identify challenges in retirement and long-term care planning.

The Cost of Care: Top Five Challenges for State and Local Health and Human Services Leaders

Health and human services officials oversee some of the largest and most critical functions of state and local government. As budgets, skills gaps, and technological considerations continue to create challenges, what can agency leaders do to prepare for tomorrow?

The Dynamic Threat: Government Tactics Must Evolve to Combat the Insider Threat

Insider threats do not discriminate. From federal government to state and local agencies, no organization that places its personnel in positions of trust is immune to an attack from within.

Flash Poll: Citizen Engagement

GBC's latest poll examines how federal agencies handle the growing volume of citizen correspondence.

Flash Poll: Government on the Go

GBC looks at mobility and wireless capabilities in the federal government — here is what we learned.