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The New Spectrum: A Survey of Mobile Connectivity in the Federal Workforce

GBC surveyed hundreds of federal employees about the state of mobile connectivity in their agencies. Click here to read the results.

Enhancing Government Readiness: The Next Generation of Enterprise Asset Management

GBC's latest issue brief takes a look at federal assets and the challenges of managing them effectively.

Flash Poll: An Eye Towards Efficiency

GBC polled 155 federal employees on their agency's ability to manage assets and properties. Click here to read the results.

Access Denied: Threats to Endpoint Security in the Federal Government

GBC's recent issue brief examines the endpoint dilemma. With so many mobile devices and points of entry to organizational networks, how can federal agencies ensure they are protected from sophisticated cyber attacks?

Automating Intelligence

In October 2018, GBC polled federal employees about their expectations for intelligent automation.

Overcoming Data Barriers

GBC's latest poll examines challenges and opportunities to federal data management.

Connecting Transportation and Technology

The technology used in transportation management continues to evolve dramatically, including new modes of transportation and adaptable IT that supports mass transit and vehicle-based travel. In many state and local jurisdictions, developments in Internet of Things (IoT) devices and other technologies present exciting opportunities for transportation enhancement.

Applications Reimagined: A Candid Poll on Application Automation and Lifecycle Management

Manual, time-intensive processes are a major drag on application management in the federal government. There's reason to believe this may soon change.

Bridging the Citizen Divide

State and local government agree –mobile technology contributes directly to organizational efficiency. However, many agencies are still in the early stages of adoption and are working to understand the full spectrum of options.

Closing the Gap Between Financial Decisions and Critical Actions

Many state and local government agencies are still working through the digital transformation. Modernizing financial management tools and adhering to budgetary constraints is a constant balancing act, and agency leaders are behind the reins of a quickly evolving landscape. What are the key lessons that state and local leaders have learned?