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Inside Federal Outsourcing

There's no need to tiptoe around outsourcing -- all federal agencies do it. The better question is, how can agencies do it in the most strategic way possible to meet their needs for cost savings, flexibility, scalability, and operational control?

Defending Industrial Control Systems in Depth

The proliferation of advanced cyber weapons among nation-states and cyber criminals has generated a steadily worsening threat environment for the United States and its critical infrastructure.

Evolving Perceptions About Diversity and Inclusion

Despite recent diversity initiatives, federal government agencies still struggle with diversity and inclusion in the workforce according to new GBC study. The survey results indicate there may be opportunity to provide resources that better address diversity and inclusion challenges.

Survey respondents say their agency's leaders could be clearer with digital strategy.

Delivering on Digital Government

Since the release of the White House’s 2012 Digital Government Strategy, agencies have begun implementing digital tools and services. GBC's survey of 396 senior-level federal employees reveals the current state of these services and the challenges moving forward.

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How the Pentagon Can Tackle the Cyber Attribution Problem

To effectively identify those responsible for cyber attacks, the Pentagon needs a holistic attribution process that integrates technical, operational, and strategic levels of analysis.

Three Strategies to Improve the Citizen Experience

Citizen-centric strategies like broadening the use of performance management, integrating channels of communication, and building public trust can help agencies achieve their goal of revolutionizing federal customer service.

Going Virtual to Prepare for a New Era of Defense

How virtual training can help the military ward off the coming readiness crisis and better prepare for the warfare of tomorrow.

Empowering Defense Enterprise Mobility

Having a vibrant mobility enterprise is critical for the Department of Defense to keep up with today's threat landscape. But how can DoD overcome the fundamental challenges that currently hinder its enterprise mobility project?

Anticipating Threats: Community Approaches to Protecting Data

Agencies face unprecedented challenges in their efforts to sufficiently protect sensitive but unclassified and classified information from both malicious and unintentional actors.

A 360 Degree View of Defense Logistics

More than 85% of defense officials say that the Pentagon's logistics challenges are having an impact on the readiness of U.S. forces. What's causing them, and how can DoD fix them?