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Only 35% of Federal Employees Are Fully Prepared for Long Term Care Costs

The bulk of the federal workforce is uncertain about managing long term care costs. Careful planning and consideration can get employees on track toward retirement financial stability.

Only 3 Out of 10 Federal Employees Factoring Long Term Care into Retirement Considerations

With the retirement wave approaching, it is more important than ever that federal employees begin mapping out their long term care options.

Nearly 8 in 10 Feds Have Had Experience with Long Term Care

More than half of feds have been, are, or expect to be caregivers. Are you one of them?

Inside Services Contracting

Perspectives from three government leaders on how agencies can use staff augmentation and shared services to maximize their needs for flexibility, cost, and operational control.

Using Big Data to Drive Public Sector Insights

How data analytics helps to push for innovation in Indiana.

Chief Data Officers: Unlocking the Power of Big Data for Federal Agencies

How can federal agencies pivot from treating data as a by-product, to treating it as an asset to their operations? By implementing a comprehensive data management strategy and by asking the right questions.

Data Analytics: Fighting Fraud in State & Local Government

To outsmart even the most sophisticated forms of fraud, state and local government investigators are turning to data analytics to uncover clues they might have otherwise missed.

Arkansas Shows the Nation the Value of Health Data Analytics

Facing a $140 million annual shortfall, the Arkansas Division of Medical Services was able to control rising healthcare costs through innovative reforms and with the help of health data analytics.

The Path to Customer-Centric Service

Despite the Obama Administration's focus on getting federal customer service on par with the private sector, consumer surveys show agencies still lag behind. Read the GBC report to see how federal managers rate themselves.

Inside Federal Outsourcing

There's no need to tiptoe around outsourcing -- all federal agencies do it. The better question is, how can agencies do it in the most strategic way possible to meet their needs for cost savings, flexibility, scalability, and operational control?