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Achieving Holistic Cybersecurity: 2016 Progress Report

The past few years have seen an explosion of cyber attacks, and agencies are racing to implement proactive, holistic cybersecurity measures. In order to measure changing federal perceptions and experiences regarding the present threat landscape, GBC conducted an in-depth research survey as a follow-up to a previous June 2014 study.

Joint Enterprise Licensing Agreements

Over the last five years, the Department of Defense has aimed to create a unified, secure and reliable communications environment built on shared IT infrastructure, known as the Joint Information Environment (JIE). Innovative procurement models like JELA make it happen.

Flash Poll Series: Cybersecurity

Last year's OPM breaches highlighted the sheer vulnerability of organization and personal data against the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks. GBC's exclusive flash poll series takes a closer look at government perspectives on organization cybersecurity.

Inside Federal IT Modernization

The past several years have seen organizations racing to implement streamlined technologies – but how successful have their efforts been? To better understand the state of federal IT modernization, GBC recently conducted an in-depth study of 423 federal employees from at least 30 civilian and defense agencies.

FITARA: The Path Forward

Enacted in December 2014, the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) introduced several measures designed to streamline federal IT acquisition and empower technology leaders in government. To explore FITARA's potential impact, GBC recently conducted a survey of 472 federal leaders across more than 30 defense and civilian agencies.

Cybersecurity in a Mobile Era

State and local governments are seeking flexible, real-time solutions that will balance the power of mobility with robust cybersecurity initiatives.

Aligning Mission and Technology

Government Business Council's new survey highlights the key challenges and goals of federal IT modernization.

Data Analytics: A Strategic Asset to Government

Government Business Council speaks with Dr. Martin Trevino, Senior Strategist with the National Security Agency's Information Assurance Directorate, to discuss the ways analytics is changing the way government works.

Duty of Care in Federal Agencies

With much of the federal workforce engaging in some sort of business travel or remote work, organizations may benefit from implementing robust, standardized duty of care policies to better to ensure employee safety. GBC's recent survey of 431 senior-level federal employees takes a look at the current state of agency travel safety and management.

Only 35% of Federal Employees Are Fully Prepared for Long Term Care Costs

The bulk of the federal workforce is uncertain about managing long term care costs. Careful planning and consideration can get employees on track toward retirement financial stability.