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A DevOps Roadmap for the Federal Government

More agencies are adopting the agile work model, ushering in new levels of productivity. But do its core tenets mesh with a government that demands the utmost in security and compliance?

Envisioning IC ITE: The Next Generation of Information Sharing

The U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) is seeking to achieve greater effectiveness by implementing the IC Information Technology Enterprise (IC ITE), a platform dedicated to streamlining information sharing across agencies. Government Business Council took a closer look at the perspectives of government leaders from the intelligence community.

Cultivating Digital Services in the Federal Landscape

With a slew of tech-savvy stars joining the public sector ranks, the federal government looks poised to unleash a transformational era in digital services for its citizens.

Government Executive 2016 Presidential Poll: July 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton has a slight lead over Donald Trump among federal employees, according to an independent Government Business Council / Government Executive poll released on July 18, 2016.

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Cyber Defense 101: Arming the Next Generation of Government Employees

As government organizations work to devise robust defensive strategies, it is critical that they take into account the role of the workforce in making or breaking cybersecurity measures.

The Future of .gov: Bringing State and Local Digital Services into the 21st Century

In order to keep pace with citizen demands, state and local governments must maintain a powerful online presence capable of delivering relevant, personalized information and services.

Flash Poll Series: Mergers & Acquisitions

Government contractors are actively seeking ways to maintain their competitive edge in a volatile federal marketplace, and the result has been a surge in mergers and acquisitions across the government services sector. GBC's exclusive flash poll series takes a closer look at federal perspectives on industry consolidation.

Improving Collaboration through Identity Management: 2016 Progress Report

Federal leaders are striving to balance operational effectiveness and security by transitioning to an “Identity Ecosystem” – an online environment designed to enhance government-wide identity and access management (IAM). In an effort to learn more about the current state of federal IAM, GBC undertook an in-depth research study as a follow-up to a previous December 2013 survey.

Constant Vigilance: Navigating the New Cyber Threat Landscape

In today’s complex, unpredictable threat environment, resilient incident detection and response initiatives are paramount.

The Call from the Basement: Combating Insider Threats in State & Local Government

When it comes to state and local cyber breaches, the biggest threats may come from the inside.