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From Shutdown to Spillover

The effects of the 2018-2019 partial government shutdown are still materializing — the federal workforce remains committed to service, but some of their confidence and perceptions have been impacted. GBC polled 291 federal employees to learn more.

Helping Non-Custodial Parents Move from Intent to Action

To best support children and families, caseworkers need tools that reflect the financial reality of their clients. Read GBC's new issue brief to understand how leveraging data and simplifying processes can help caseworkers move beyond the reactive, punitive model of child support enforcement and better serve citizens.

All Systems Back Online

Government agencies today depend on reliable networks and systems that can power core services for the public. So what happens when these systems fail, and how can outages be avoided? Government Business Council's new issue brief takes a look.

The Planetary Frontier: Assessing Conditions for a Space Force

GBC's recent issue brief assesses the national security posture of U.S. space assets. Analyzing policies, players, and technological conditions, the brief examines the status quo and suggests actions aimed at enhancing the nation's capabilities.

Building an Agile IT Services Ecosystem

GBC polled 141 federal employees on the prevalence of agile software development within their organizations, as well as its benefits and challenges. Click here to read the results.

Survey: Government of the Future

Government Business Council surveyed nearly 500 federal employees on the subject of intelligent technologies in the workforce. Click here to learn more.

From "Cloud First" to "Cloud Smart"

GBC polled 220 federal and defense employees on their motivations for migrating to cloud and the obstacles to doing so. Click here to read the results.

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Flash Poll: Adapting to Regulations in the Age of Innovation

New technologies and markets are delivering both innovation and disruption to communities and states. Many agencies are still working to adapt to the new regulations stemming from these emerging industries.

Digital Disaster Resilience in State and Local Government

When an emergency hits, communities must come together to adequately respond to and transition out of catastrophe. Ensuring a timely and effective response requires a whole-of-government effort — including teams on the front lines of digital service delivery.

Survey Series: Confidence in Back Pay Grows While Opposition to Shutdown, Wall Continues

On January 14, 2019, Government Business Council (GBC) and issued the second poll in a survey series assessing attitudes and opinions about the ongoing government shutdown among federal government employees.