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Improving Mission Effectiveness Through Better Information

Real-time data and analytics can empower agencies to act quickly and more effectively to achieve their missions -- from infrastructure protection, to environmental conservation, to disaster relief.

Approaching DoD Audit Readiness Through Asset Visibility

To help achieve its ambitious audit readiness goals, the Pentagon can enhance awareness of mission critical assets through M2M.

The Keys to Effective Government? Collaboration and Employee Morale

Shared services and thoughtful centralization can help agencies be more efficient.

Excellence in Government 2014 Recap

On May 12-13, Government Executive Media Group hosted Excellence in Government 2014, bringing together more than 700 federal employees to share ideas on how to improve mission-effectiveness and efficiency across federal agencies. GBC covered the conference and compiled summaries of individual sessions.

Leadership, Not Technology, is the Key to Government Innovation

Government innovation is the talk of the town, but what does it actually look like? The answer is less expensive and technology-intensive than many think.

Federal Workspaces Are Changing, the Question Is How?

Budget pressures, mandates to reduce space, and promises of productivity are urging agencies to reassess where--and how--people work.

How To Make the Most of Underused Space

How can agencies redesign space to increase headcount or reduce facilities costs?

A New Breed of Training for the Federal Workforce

How can agencies promote long-term learning throughout the changing demographics of the federal workforce?

How Can Agencies Better Conduct Workforce Planning?

9 out of 10 federal managers say competency data would help with workforce planning, yet fewer than half are collecting it.