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Flash Poll: The AI Advantage

To make sense of data, government finds a ready ally in Machine Learning.

Flash Poll: Modernizing Mission IT

Are agencies prioritizing IT modernization in 2018? GBC's new poll of federal employees has the answer.

Leading Brands in Government

The authoritative study on government buyers and their perceptions of top contractors

Racing Toward Efficiency: Government's Pursuit of the Next-Generation Data Center

The Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act signals a rejuvenated commitment to Federal IT modernization, but how can agency leaders capitalize on this momentum?

Modernizing the U.S. Munitions Arsenal

Learn how the U.S. cluster munitions (CM) policy fits into the global perspective and why now is the time to examine our arsenal.

Optimizing Insensitive Munitions for the Armed Forces

Read why the Defense Department is looking closer at insensitive munitions (IM) and the impact it will have in 2018 and beyond.

Rethinking Government: Federal Shared Services & Cloud Adoption

How successful has the federal government been in meeting IT modernization goals? GBC investigates.

Digital Briefing Center: Intelligent Automation

GBC investigates the possibilities of AI-driven government.

CX2: The Next Generation of Citizen Engagement

Is the federal government meeting the mark on CX?