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Making Telework Work in Federal Agencies

An increasing number of federal employees are now teleworking, yet agencies still face several technological and culture challenges to success. What changes can agencies make to improve telework communication?

CJ Moses, General Manager, Government Cloud Solutions at Amazon Web Services, discusses the cloud security outlook for 2015.

Security Outlook for Cloud 2015

How agencies can keep their cloud secure in the upcoming year.

Realizing DoD's Enterprise Mobility Vision

The Department of Defense faces a pivotal period for the Joint information Environment and its mobility strategy as it scales its mobility programs to the enterprise and works to define technical standards. So what do DoD managers think about the benefits of and challenges to mobility?

Scott Gaydos, Chief Technologist, US Public Sector at HP Enterprise Services, discusses the need for a new style of IT.

New Today, Legacy Tomorrow: Reimagining Federal I.T.

A guide to the new style of federal IT

Raising Your Agency's Energy I.Q. with Smart Technologies

Putting data in the hands of federal employees can help agencies translate government-wide mandates into meaningful savings and efficiency gains.

DoD’s JIE Obstructed by Service Incompatibilities

The Department of Defense’s effort to transform its service-centric IT systems into an integrated enterprise network may struggle to take form until underlying challenges are addressed.

The True Cost of Legacy Network Ownership

Federal IT spending has stagnated in recent years, but agencies are spending more and more on maintaining legacy systems. Maybe it's time to look beyond the traditional ownership model.

The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Cloud

Porting your data across systems isn’t that hard if you know what to expect.

Making the Grade in Digital Government

As agencies look to improve their digital services, how can they best apply recommendations from the White House's new U.S. Digital Services Playbook?