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Lessons Learned in Federal Cloud Adoption

It's been four years since Cloud First, yet federal cloud progress isn't as far as expected. GBC asked early adopters what they think about their agency's adoption efforts in the past, present, and future, and what other agencies can do to overcome obstacles along the way.

Applying Lessons Learned to Federal Cloud Computing

Recent survey findings show that several obstacles are impeding federal agencies' adoption of cloud technology. This issue brief will explore these issues and provide targeted best practice recommendations based on feedback from current federal employees.

Multilateral or Unilateral Intervention? National Security Workers Have No Preference

Should the U.S. take a multilateral or unilateral approach to the use of force? National security professionals in government suggest it doesn't matter one way or the other.

How Can Federal Teleworkers Avoid Feeling “Left Behind?”

To present and discuss the findings from GBC’s latest research on telework, Verizon and GBC partnered for an event featuring a panel of experts from agencies with strong telework programs.

Bringing Federal IT Up to Speed

Federal IT networks are under more pressure than ever before. Do federal managers have the IT services they need to effectively do their jobs? If not, how can agencies bring their IT infrastructure up to speed?

A Dangerous Cyber Convergence: Persistent Insiders, Evolving Adversaries

Despite making progress bolstering cyber defenses in recent years, the federal government has been unable to keep up with a worsening threat environment. To help turn the tide, agencies will need to shift their security focus internally, to the data within.

Protecting Your Agency's Core Data with Hybrid Cloud

Despite past concerns with entrusting the cloud with sensitive data, federal CIOs are beginning to tap in to hybrid cloud's disaster recovery and backup capabilities.