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Connected Transportation

Top 5 Lessons for Modernizing State and Local Infrastructure. More states and municipalities are looking to unleash the opportunities created by embedding intelligent, connected technologies in public transit, vehicles, and roadways. Government Business Council (GBC) surveyed hundreds of state and local government decision makers to understand their perceptions of connected transportation and smart cities — here are our top five takeaways.

Reading the Digital Temperature

A Candid Poll on Digital Tool Provision in State and Local Government. State and local government agencies continue to push for digitization in citizen-facing and internal processes. Government Business Council (GBC) surveyed 202 state and local government employees to find out how well state/local government has upgraded its digital toolkit.

Top 5: Citizens Broadband Radio Service

FCC's approval of landmark legislation opens the door for innovation in wireless spectrum for government use. Here are the top 5 things you should know about the Citizens Broadband Radio Service.

Supporting the Enterprise

Government has an opportunity to transform its enterprise IT service desk model to unleash mobility. So what's standing in the way of innovation? Click here to read Government Business Council's issue brief on the latest research.

Preparing Tomorrow's Warfighter

The clock is ticking: as adversaries gain new capabilities, the DoD must think - and act - on its IT modernization plans before it's too late. GBC's latest issue brief takes a look.

Is the Federal Government Ready for AI? Survey Supplement

How much have federal agencies learned about artificial intelligence (AI) through pilot implementation and the broader, government-wide push for IT modernization? GBC surveyed more than 600 federal decision makers in civilian and military functions to learn more.

Agencies Find New Momentum in the Cloud Smart Age

Government Business Council (GBC) polled the federal workforce on cloud migration. Click here to view an infographic detailing their opinions on whether or not their agencies are taking advantage of the new resources at their disposal to meet their security, procurement, and workforce needs.

Is the Federal Government Ready for AI?

GBC surveyed more than 600 federal government employees to produce a comprehensive analysis of federal AI capabilities.

Leading Brands in Government 2019

The authoritative study on government buyers and their perceptions of top contractors