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New smartphone app lets U.S. Army recruiters go mobile

A new cross-platform app is helping U.S. Army recruiters access candidate records and track communications on-the-go via their smartphones.

How San Diego used Azure migration to help keep citizens informed while reducing IT costs

San Diego County’s Department of Health uses cloud technology to track water quality conditions for all of the county’s beaches.

Navigating the change to evergreen mobility and cloud-based solutions

Organizations can take better advantage of evergreen tools with a holistic approach.

Improving healthcare with industrial machine learning

Increasingly, healthcare organizations are using digital platforms to bring data from different sources together and automate data-driven experiments on an enterprise-wide scale.

Are You Really Agile?

Most organizations strive to become more "agile," but to be agile can mean a lot of different things. Here's how organizations can best manage the path to agility.

Empower People, Enable Productivity

The new way to work isn’t necessarily driven by the latest gadgets, it is driven by mobility, cost, personalization and talent retention.

Five Reasons Managed Cloud Services Should be Part of Your Hybrid Strategy

By utilizing and trusting a provider’s technology and expertise, organizations can better-ensure that their IT capabilities are operating effectively and efficiently, leaving their staff free to focus on what matters most: their mission.

Journey to Digital Government

Through digital transformation, government agencies can catch up to the private sector and start providing consumer-like services.

Inside Digital Health Platforms

Learn how the health industry is leveraging platforms to help with its ongoing digital transformation.

Application-Centric Transformation for the Digital Age

Modern offices are rethinking how they handle even the most basic processes, and re-engineering their IT capabilities to support new ideas.