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Increasing military collaboration and productivity

With an intensified drive toward cost savings and doing more with less, military organizations and their partners are looking for ever-increasing productivity from IT. The ability of military planners to deliver critical information on-the-go to the soldier has become more important than ever as defense agencies operate in an environment of sequestration and highly uncertain budgets. Modern workplace technology — especially for communications and collaboration — makes military organizations more efficient and helps them compete for talent with the different military branches and private business.

As recently as a decade ago, many people in the military did not have mobile phones, and even if they did, the phones were used only for telephone calls. Personal computers at home were also fairly limited in speed and functionality, while devices at work were considerably more capable.

Today, like everyone else, the military must operate in our always-on, always-connected world. Not only are the devices we personally own and carry incredibly powerful, but they provide immediate access to a wealth of information and everyday features such as email, apps and a camera. As new generations of increasingly tech-savvy users join the workforce, they also demand to communicate through the most modern apps and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype.

Indeed, modern enterprises — the military included — cannot ignore the needs of their new hires. Enterprises know that engaged employees, loyalty and staff retention ultimately lead to greater productivity and cost savings. However, this means that employers must understand and accommodate the demands of their staff.

Mobility, personal devices, the cloud and all they enable — access to real-time data, cross-agency collaboration and anytime/anywhere productivity — represent the next frontier in innovation, growth and competitiveness. To do more — and innovate — with less, defense agencies must turn to increasingly mature and robust cloud services and commercial-off-the-shelf products to gain greater levels of flexibility, manageability and agility to better meet a range of priorities and demands.

Read the full report to learn the role these new workplace and mobility technologies play in defining how modern collaboration can support the critical requirements of defense forces while meeting today’s mobility, data and security challenges.

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