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Application-Centric Transformation for the Digital Age

Just as evolving technology has rapidly changed many aspects of day-to-day life, new digital capabilities are now transforming the office workplace. Modern offices are rethinking how they handle even the most basic processes, and re-engineering their IT capabilities to support new ideas. In this effort, many offices are turning to the cloud and entrusting crucial aspects of their business’ performance in applications, transforming their organization to be more application-centric.

While outcomes such as lower costs are often a benefit, the primary goal of most application transformation is to better serve customers by improving an organization’s agility. In digitizing services, organizations are making customer access to services easy by enabling access at any time from any place or device. Additionally, application-centric processes offer data and analytics that can help organizations track customer interactions and isolate any potential pain points.

That’s not to say that an application transformation comes without challenges. Organizations first have to make a business case for such a project, and then find and develop the internal skills to make it happen. Many offices undergoing a transformation utilize a hybrid IT environment — a mix of legacy systems and cloud delivery. Ensuring that an application can adapt to an organization’s existing systems and operate as efficiently and effectively as possible can be complex.

Finding the right partner can help, especially when organizations are aware they have gaps in expertise. A trusted, experienced partner can help accelerate the transformation process while keeping risk under control – ensuring that organizations can leverage the IT investments they’ve already made without missing out on any new, innovative technology. They can also help organizations define goals, making sure the transformation reaches a successful conclusion.

In an evolving digital environment, organizations that adapt and embrace application innovation are likely to better meet customer expectations in the future. Read the full white paper to learn more about:

  • To what extent organizations have an application transformation program in place and what approaches they are taking to service new digital requirements
  • The top challenges that organizations face as they embark on application modernization projects
  • Whether organizations have the skills and resources in place to tackle the inherent challenges
  • In which areas organizations are looking for external support
  • The characteristics of a good application transformation partner

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