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Translate Analytics into Results

Across all industries, the growth of available data and growing demand to analyze it have been well documented. The most competitive enterprises are those that learn to harness data, put analytics to use, and operationalize them to have widespread impact to their organization. While most enterprises are conducting some form of analytics today, few see direct impact on enterprise performance. Today’s enterprise leaders want to translate the promise of analytics into meaningful and sustainable business results. The question is no longer why; it’s how.

First, it’s necessary to assess the process areas that support putting analytics into operation. These process areas are supported by a set of capabilities that collectively make up the Analytic Platform for Operational Analytics. The blueprint is meant to help address many of the challenges facing enterprises today. Specifically, how to:

  • Identify all the solution elements needed to execute today’s analytics strategies, and which components are needed for longer-term analytics initiatives.
  • Structure an approach to analytics in the face of constant increases in the size, frequency, pervasiveness, and complexity of data.
  • Support the full analytic workflow from discovery to operational applications in a managed, efficient, and repeatable way.
  • Optimize technology investments by selecting the right tools for the right job in support of Operational Analytics.
  • Avoid the mistakes other companies make that lead to poor results, inadequate capabilities, or delayed value.

This blueprint identifies the functional capabilities needed to deliver analytics throughout the enterprise and empower a data-driven organization. Equally important, it can give you a starting point for assessing your analytics maturity level and accelerating your analytics transformation. Simply put, a blueprint for operational analytics identifies all the core software requirements for operationalizing analytics. It shows you what’s needed to modernize your business intelligence capabilities and build a bridge between traditional analytics and today’s analytics.

A key obstacle has been the lack of a complete, rigorous, well thought-out specification of the capabilities required for enterprise-scale analytics. This Analytic Platform blueprint is designed to overcome this obstacle. Read the full white paper to learn more about the blueprint and the central role it plays in enabling a data-driven organization — and how to adopt it for your enterprise.

Read the full white paper here.

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