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Cyber Security Trends: Protecting the Future

As physical and digital worlds collide with the growing shift from traditional data storing to online information technology systems, the complexity, volume and variety of risks, threats and vulnerabilities continue to grow. The catastrophic effect of a cyber attack has a long-standing effect on an organization, its reputation, brand, shareholder value and consumer/citizen safety. No company, institution, individual or industry is immune to cyber criminals.


To develop its fourth annual cyber security state-of-the-industry report, DXC Technology gathered some of the best minds in the industry, leveraging their years of experience to compile a balanced view of the challenges facing enterprises, governments and businesses of all sizes.

These market trends focus on the evolving threat landscape. The report discusses the dizzying scale of attacks, the worrying developments that bring human life into the cyber crosshairs, a breakdown of digital privacy and disclosure, the growing influence of a global cybercrime industry and the shortage of cyber security personnel.

The report also contains strategies that individuals and organizations can use to begin to respond to these risks. It is not enough to identify events; organizations must help build effective response mechanisms. Finally, the report looks at some of the emerging technologies that will influence the cyber security world in 2018 and beyond.

Most organizations are at a crossroad in determining the best direction to move regarding their cyber security program. Digital transformation is upon us, IoT becomes increasingly more ubiquitous, and cloud and mobility projects continue to top the list of CIO and business leader agendas. All this combines to bring about tremendous new risks through the expanding variety of attack surfaces and work styles.

It’s easy to take a retrospective view and think of what should have been done, but looking into the future and trying to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals is no simple task. This paper brings together a set of risk factors that have a high probability of being top issues to contend with in the upcoming year.

Read the full report to learn more about these five trends, how they will influence the world of cyber security and how to prepare for them:

  • Scale — Continued growth in the size and number of attacks
  • Safety — Threats to people and critical infrastructure
  • Disclosure — Exposing sensitive enterprise and political information
  • Extortion — Monetizing cyber-based crime
  • Talent — A shortage of cyber security personnel

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