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Agile Applications and Digital Experiences

Modern software-based competition is overturning entire industries and forcing companies to change how they think about their own value. The biggest changes will come not from the software applications themselves, but instead from the modern application platform and the dynamic integration of the information that powers it. A modern application platform can empower organizations to create new customer-friendly services, unlock data from older applications and build the foundation of a digital core that will support the continuous transformation of the business.

In conversations with CTOs and CIOs, the concept of the digital core often comes up. In short, the digital core refers to a reliable, agile and scalable foundation that provides visibility and insight-driven decision making.

The digital core is fueled by elements such as business networks, employees, internet of things (IoT) and big data. It serves as a central hub of a digital value network that is the primary driver of business transformation.

The digital core interconnects all aspects of the value network in real time. It gives organizations the opportunity to bring together business processes with analytics to enable a smarter, faster and simpler enterprise. The entire value chain, including the core, is digitized, serving as the platform for innovation and business process automation. When starting the journey to deploying modern applications, it is imperative for enterprises to understand and embrace the digital core.

Embracing the digital core requires touching upon each of the four cornerstones of digital transformation:

  • Digitize business: Enterprises must extend business models using IoT, big data and analytics, and deliver digital business services through mobile and cloud applications.
  • Rationalize the portfolio: Application portfolios should be consolidated, harmonized and modernized to enable automation and digitization.
  • Automate operations: Operations and business processes should be automated as much as possible, using techniques such as industrialization and virtual assistants.
  • Simplify the platform: The platform environment should be consolidated and simplified to better enable automation and digitization.

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