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Empowering Workforces with Invisible IT

With digital technologies, teams can work efficiently, collaborate easily, and tap into resources instantly and from anywhere. Yet even with these advances, workers still want more of a consumerized experience — more choice, more convenience and more connectivity. To meet these demands, IT must shift from a mind-set of monitoring quality of service to actively monitoring quality of experience, predicting potential failures and providing easy-to-use self-service and self-healing capabilities.

Make ‘magic’ happen with a digital workplace

In today’s “gig economy,” characterized by contract workers doing one or more temporary jobs as opposed to full-time work, technology is key, offering employees new ways to create, connect, collaborate and communicate. Workers expect choice in the devices, apps and locations they use. In fact, the workplace has evolved into “my place,” which is wherever I want it to be at the time. In the digital workplace, systems, machines and people begin to interact more seamlessly and processes become more data-driven and event-driven, leading to better alignment with how people want to work.

IT organizations could choose to stay the course — but that won’t end well. Today’s users won’t think twice about bypassing IT for devices and channels. Users are more likely to “Google” the answer to a problem — or contact a friend — than to wait for the company’s help desk to respond. This friction between IT and users can result in even greater levels of shadow IT and, ultimately, information silos and productivity loss. Even worse, the likelihood of security vulnerabilities increases.

What’s needed instead is a richer digital workplace experience — one in which IT is everywhere, seamlessly enabling the user, at once invaluable and invisible. In the words of futurist Arthur C. Clarke, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Today’s IT organizations need to make “magic” by aligning technology with experience.

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  • How several emerging technologies and trends have the potential to further transform the way we work and collaborate.
  • What questions to ask when evaluating how digital workplace transformation technologies affect worker experience.
  • How organizations with a strong analytics IQ can take the friction out of business, making workers more productive.

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