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Transforming to a Digital Enterprise

Digital transformation is about bringing information into the fabric of every transaction with a client, partner, employee and process. To free up information, digital enterprises must deploy new tools, communities, ecosystems, and most importantly, a technology platform that enables rapid information sharing.

Information is the most lucrative asset in the 21st century, and CIOs and CTOs need to rethink the value chains in their organizations and break down information silos — again. By reducing information friction, an enterprise can cross-link information to derive new insights, which become its assets. The organization’s very processes themselves produce meta-information that can be used for continuous improvement.

To accomplish this level of digital business transformation, enterprises must deploy new tools for knowledge workers and a technology platform that enables information to be rapidly shared via APIs, which mask the constant change while providing control points for information governance.

The new enterprise digital platform comprises a set of microservices that work together to enable the enterprise to derive value from a stable, information-driven operating model. This digital platform creates a foundation for change that enables consistent global execution.

To learn about why and how to think bigger about digital transformation, read Transforming to a Digital Enterprise.

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