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The Oregon Occupiers Left Behind Quite a Mess

Loose tobacco and other trash was strewn about in one room of the facility. Loose tobacco and other trash was strewn about in one room of the facility. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The total bill is still being determined for the six-week occupation of Oregon's Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. But based on photos the Fish and Wildlife Service released of the mess the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom group left behind, the cleanup portion alone could be significant.

USFWS published photographs on its Flickr account Thursday taken after the occupiers left the facility in February. The scene was documented for the FBI for the purposes of its the 26-person criminal conspiracy case. Loose tobacco sits on boxes next to bent cigarettes in one photograph, a hole appears to be punched in a wall in another and a drench was dug on the grounds for the occupiers to defecate and urinate into.

The occupation captivated many, angered Oregon community leaders and forced feds to take costly paid leave. Agency officials told The Guardian this week that the cost of the occupation is currently at $6 million and may rise.

Check out the USFWS slideshow below.

Damage at Malheur NWR

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