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What is Government Really Doing About Cybersecurity?


As the threat of hackers, cyber-thieves and fraudsters continues to grow exponentially, federal law enforcement officials have resorted to doing something they're generally not comfortable with -- going public.

In a new downloadable special report, Government Executive looks at five key strategies that the law enforcement community is using to address cybersecurity threats. For example, the FBI is routinely alerting the public to cyber scams through Homeland Security Department bulletins and the Internet Crime Complaint Center. And officials are sharing cybercrime findings before closing cases to teach the public how to fix compromised computers.

Above all, the feds are trying to be as open as possible with the public, in an effort to thwart cybercrimes before they become crippling problems and to make people aware of the magnitude of the threat. 

Download the report: 5 Strategies for Countering Cyberthreats


Tom Shoop is vice president and editor in chief at Government Executive Media Group, where he oversees both print and online editorial operations. He started as associate editor of Government Executive magazine in 1989; launched the company’s flagship website, GovExec.com, in 1996; and was named editor in chief in 2007.

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