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Video: Ex-GSA Official Decries 'Witch Hunt'


Since the General Services Administration regional conference scandal erupted a couple of weeks ago, the agency has had few public defenders. Even GSA's top officials and former leaders have gone out of their way to acknowledge the wrongdoing and declare there's no excuse for what happened at the Western Regions Conference in 2010.

But now comes one man brave enough to step up and attack those who are attacking GSA. Alan L. Greenberg, a.k.a " The Government Man ," has posted a video on YouTube in which he rips into members of Congress for conducting a "witch hunt" against GSA. But Greenberg is not exactly defending GSA's honor. In the rambling video, he shows off a variety of GSA swag he collected in his 39 years working at the agency, and touts a book about his experiences that he says "would make the IG report [about the conference scandal] look like tales out of Sunday school."

Here's the video:

(Hat tip: FedInsider )

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