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The Purge is Over.


Remaining Cabinet members, remain calm: Your jobs are safe. (Except for you, Anthony Principi. Sorry.) The White House insisted after the election the president wouldn't call for mass resignations. Really? Then why the need to call in those few cabinet officers who are left to let them know they can stay? Well, this will at least put to rest the endless speculation about who's going where and when. By the way, on that front, check out Bob Novak's column from this morning. It's pretty clear that he wrote a whole John Snow's-gotta-go piece on the Treasury Secretary Who Had Been Given Up for Dead, and then got undercut by the White House announcement yesterday that the president had apparently not been able to find anybody to agree to take Snow's job. Note the telltale top and bottom references to the late-breaking events, while discussion of "Snow's successor" takes up the body of the column.


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