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Admiral Tim Ziemer, head of U.S. delegation, gives remarks at the Global Health Security Agenda Ministerial Meeting in Kampala, Uganda in 2016.

Ebola Returns Just as the White House Loses Its Top Biodefense Expert

The highly respected Tim Ziemer left the National Security Council earlier this week. Here’s who will be taking over his duties.

Rep. Don Beyer, D-Va., said he doesn't think lawmakers are eager to take up a retirement cuts proposal from OPM.

OPM Retirement Cut Legislative Proposal Draws Bipartisan Opposition

There is little sign that Congress will take up measures that would reduce retirement benefits for federal workers.

Pentagon Shows Bumpy Progress Toward Curbing Improper Payments

Watchdog hones in on failure to meet four out of six statutory requirements.

USPS Loses $1.3B in Second Quarter, More Than Doubling Its Losses From a Year Ago

The mailing agency's "controllable" business has gone from a nearly $600M profit to a nearly $700M loss in just two years.

Play of the Day: Trump Gets Big Ratings at Three in the Morning

The president bragged about his Nielsen numbers while welcoming hostages returning home from North Korea.

Good Managers Understand the Concept of Psychological Safety

If you don’t want to be surprised by bad news, create a climate where people will share information and trust you to respond wisely.

Northern Virginia Feds Brace for 2019 Metro Closures

WMATA will cease service to some stations south of D.C. for all of next summer as it rebuilds them.

DHS Needs to Hire More Officers to Stop the Flow of Opioids, Report Finds

Port officers are screening just 0.008 percent of packages for illicit drugs.

State Department Cuts Cleaning Crew Contract, 17 Workers Laid Off

Union publicizes worker hardships as procurement office imposes 30 percent cut.