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Play of the Day: Trump's Arms Are Folded and He's Ready to Deal

The president has a particular stance that he used in his bipartisan immigration meeting this week.

First CFO Survey of Trump Era Spotlights Skepticism Over Agency Reorganization Plans

Most agency finance chiefs harbor doubts that the strategies will actually improve efficiency, though some see opportunity.

Trump Under Oath Is a Different Person

What the president’s previous depositions suggest about how his interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller might go

Travel costs for the Orlando conference were estimated at approximately $153,000, according to BOP.

Bureau of Prisons Conference Spending Sparks Outrage During Budget Cuts, Staff Shortage

Union says sending 60 employees to Orlando less than two weeks before a government shutdown deadline was a poor use of resources.

Agencies Aren't Catching Bad Supervisors Early Enough

Just one-half of 1 percent of managers are removed during their probationary period.

Ltg. Paul Nakasone discusses the future of AI and US Cyber Command at the second Defense One Technology Summit in June.

How the (Likely) Next NSA/CyberCom Chief Wants to Enlist AI

A look at Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone’s public statements about artificial intelligence, offense, and defense.

Three Daily Resolutions of Effective Leaders

Instead of failing by February, your daily reminders will support continuous improvement and success throughout the year.

People With Sense of Purpose Tend to Do Healthy Stuff

Crafting your New Year's resolutions at the last minute? Finding a sense of purpose may help