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Technological Advances Provide Faster and Cheaper Transmissions

Wireless Communications

Hardware Becoming Less Expensive and More User-Friendly


Agencies Using Groupware Products for Electronic Messaging

Cashing In on Contractors

Cashing In on Contractors

It Flies!

The Air Force and McDonnell Douglas pulled the ill-fated C-17 out of a tailspin, turning a program plagued by delays, costs overruns and structural defects into a model of acquisition reform.

Up in the Air

The Federal Aviation Administration has a grand plan to revamp its personnel and procurement systems to save money and solve air-traffic controller and technician shortages. But many people in the agency doubt it will work.

The Competitors

Suddenly competition is blossoming in the federal government, as agencies vie with each other to sell services throughout the bureaucracy. A wide range of administrative functions will now be "franchised" by government entrepreneurs.

Federal Communications Guide

Federal Communications Guide