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Government Reorganization 2016: No Magic Wand

With public trust at an all-time low, is there any appetite for overhauling government?

House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price, R-Ga.

Powerful Lawmaker Goes After Federal Employee Union Enrollment

House Budget Committee chairman plans to introduce legislation to make it harder for labor groups to collect dues and organize government workers.

Obama Will Propose 1.6 Percent Pay Raise for Feds and Troops In 2017 Budget

The figure is slightly higher than the 1.3 pay boost for those two groups in 2016.

Obama Criticizes Islamophobia and Jabs at Republicans at Baltimore Mosque

Making his first visit to a mosque in the U.S. amid unprecedented fear in the Islamic community, the president preached inclusion and criticized Republicans, but also called on Muslims to fight extremism.

State Department Leaders Inaugurate New ‘Lessons Learned’ Center

Foreign Service Institute offshoot will prepare diplomats for a complex future.

Ethiopia's Simien Mountains National Park is shown during the dry season.

The U.S. Predicted the Ethiopian Food Crisis Months Ago

A USAID program can predict food insecurity before it occurs. But the warnings aren’t always heeded.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, has asked HUD for information on how many over-income families live in public housing, and how many needy families are still on waiting lists for assistance.

Fewer Over-Income Families Could End Up Staying in Public Housing Under Proposed Rule

HUD seeks feedback on ensuring the neediest receive housing assistance, while still giving local authorities discretion over when to evict residents who earn too much.

Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Mich., testifies at the hearing.

EPA Deflects Blame as It's Accused of Massive Failures in Flint's Water Crisis

Fiery hearing focuses on EPA's failure to publicize data showing contaminated water.

Rethinking Federal Grants Management: From Oversight to Insight

Taxpayers should get a better return on their $600 billion annual investment.