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Play of the Day: Trump, Television and Diet Coke

The president really likes to watch cable news and also drink soda.

See Who Would Get Furloughed in a 2017 Shutdown

This chart details the updated furlough rates at each federal agency.

OPM Leadership Void Leaves Locality Pay Advisers Twisting in the Wind

Members of the Federal Salary Council have not been reappointed since Trump’s inauguration, stalling the advisory group’s work.

President Trump in the Oval Office Oct. 17.

The Annual Pay Ritual Has Lost Relevance

Contrary to some reports, General Schedule employees have received competitive pay increases—but that does not mean salary levels are competitive.

On April 16, 1972, the sixth manned lunar landing mission, Apollo 16, launched from Kennedy Space Center, Fla. on its way to conduct scientific investigations on the Moon’s Descartes highlands.

Why Donald Trump Wants to Go Back to the Moon

Trump wants to go back. Elon Musk's SpaceX and Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin could make it happen.

Obama Treasury Department May Have Skirted Anti-Deficiency Act, Watchdog Finds

Travel office prematurely transferred reimbursement funds to offices sharing services.

Preview of Trump's National Security Strategy Shows Gap Between President's Words and Actions

The current plan is to roll out the NSS on December 18, an administration official said. 

Special Counsel Henry Kerner said OSC has a reputation for “operating at a molasses pace.”

Newly Installed Special Counsel Wants to Adjudicate Cases More Swiftly

Henry Kerner welcomes new pro-whistleblower tools for independent agency.

Play of the Day: Hanukkah At The White House

The Trumps held a celebration for the upcoming Festival of Lights.

Got A Boss Who Denies Reality? A Behavioral Scientist’s Guide To Tactful Truth Telling

Dealing with a co-worker or manager who says demonstrably false things can be a challenge, particularly at holiday office parties. Here's a guide to handle a colleague in denial.