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Reaching the Fairway

A recently retired SES veteran looks to professional golf for his next career.

Collapse of costly VA computer system under investigation

The $278 million system was intended for eventual use by all Veterans Affairs Department hospitals but was closed this summer after a nine-month trial.

Homeland Security urged to audit use of special procurement rules

GAO says agency should gather more information about special category of high-tech acquisitions.

Unlicensed lawyer worked on USDA bias claims

Advocates for black farmers in landmark civil rights suits seek renegotiation of settlements the attorney worked on.

Use of “official time” for union activities drops

OPM hails 4 percent decrease in on-the-job time spent by labor leaders dealing with union issues.

OMB to evaluate e-gov initiatives

Programs will be judged on whether and how they are being used by their intended audiences.

Up or Down

Presidential appointees ought not be left twisting in the wind. They deserve a vote in the Senate.

Nuclear security drill nearly backfired, guards say

Guards at Tennessee nuclear weapons plant responded to a mock attack with live weapons, leading to what one called "mass confusion."