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Back and Forth

The Pentagon and OPM respond to charges that they're breaking the law by refusing to allow labor unions to see draft plans for the National Security Personnel System.

Congress seeks to stimulate market for bioagent vaccines

Citing preparedness gaps, congressional officials plan to introduce Project Bioshield II legislation in February.

Control over financial systems approval shifts to OMB

Multi-agency organization responsible for approving financial management systems is dissolved.

Congress moves to add 600 consular officers

The intelligence reform bill allows the State Department to increase its workforce by 150 consular officers annually for the next four years.

New procurement data system to debut at end of month

Revamped Federal Procurement Data System will provide access to 13 million records.

Reform bill misses the mark, intelligence veterans say

Real reform lies not in the bill, they say, but in what else happens in the years ahead.